Saturday, September 8, 2018

AWS User Groups

AWS User Groups

Hey Folks,

I would like to highlight about user groups for AWS

Basically, a community group is created by a group people with common idea and single goal and vision, who would use the platform to give ideas, share the experiences and best practices

Likewise, Amazon Web Services encourages users across the globe to create and/or join user groups and spread the word, ideas and experiences amongst the group of people with common and one intention

Here is the AWS official link that would take you to locate the official user groups of your geographical location

Now go ahead in the above link, click on the map where you live or would like to join from, locate the user group from the state/city links provided there in...and yes, am part of Bangalore group..Yay!!

I would suggest to you folks to take time to locate authorized AWS user groups to spend your previous time and effort there

Happy Meetups Guys !!!

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