Wednesday, October 31, 2018

AWS CLI error in Amazon Linux

AWS CLI error in Amazon Linux

AWS CLI - is AWS Command Line Interface. It is a tool that brings in all the AWS provided services under a single roof, meaning, we will be able to create, modify and access resources using this command line interface via commands

We all know that we need to install in any flavor of Linux; recently, I faced an issue of accessing AWS CLI in Amazon linux AMI

Accessing aws from shell prompt returns "too few arguments" or aws --version returns awscli version installed in that instance

Let us see on resolving the same


[ec2-user@ip-xx.xx.xx] aws

ImportError: cannot import name HTTPClientError


  1. could be that system update was applied using "sudo yum update" which might have updated any dependencies or so


  • re-install didnt work
  • sudo pip install upgrade --awscli - resolved the issue....Yayyyyyyyyyy !!!

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