Monday, August 26, 2019

DESIGN4INDIA - A NASSCOM Initiative - Part 1

Design Summit 2019: Embed 3.0 - Unleashing The Power Of Design Disruption

Happy to have been nominated to attend the Design4India, Design Summit 2019 in Conrad, Bangalore

Overall, it was different experience guys; My intention and expectation was to learn something on Design Principles on Software Development's design aspects and so on...Silly me :-(

Participation in "Design Summit 2019" was true an eye-opener which pushed me out of my comfort zone and limited knowledge of thinking 'Design' as pre-dominant to Software Development and Mobiles or Devices. Truth was that 'Design' is everywhere and Speakers who were part of the event gave the real perspective of Design in any field of origin be it Software Development, UI, Device Designs, Branding to Designs, How to scale up and above all 'Sustainable Design' for emerging trends

To be honest, I was stunned to see people from 'Peter England', 'Interior Design', 'Agro Products' companies who have turned up to the session for awesome take aways on 'Sustainable Design' and I was came out of my ignorance on design as a concept

Lots to share folks !! Let me make it a series !!!

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