Monday, December 16, 2019

AWS Resource Groups - KnowHow(s) - Series 3

In this series, let us create AWS Resource Groups from AWS CLI as it will be useful automation and maintenance

In my AWS Account, I have couple of EC2 Instances and let us try to group EC2 resources by purpose using AWS Resource Groups Tag Based

  • AWS Account login and EC2, Resource Group creation/modification access

Getting Started:
  • Create and take access to AWS CLI available instance 
  • Create few EC2 instances(free-tier) with one tag value as below
    • Name:<<>> 
    • Domain:Purchase
    • Env:QA
 Resource Group creation from CLI:
  • Before creating AWS Resource Group, let us see the values and status of EC2 instances that are available for grouping
    • TestInstances-AWSResourceGroupsDemo1 & 2 are created and retained and other Instance named ForRDSDemo is for RDS operations and let us see how ARG can group and update/delete these tags, as required
  • Now create a group from AWS CLI against these EC2 instances
  • Visualize the results

  • Add in another "Resource Type" of resource with same Tag(key:value) and see those filtered for Resource Groups filter

  • Visualize the newly added S3 bucket as well being recognized by the Resource Groups, created already

  • Delete this Resource Group from AWS CLI 

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