Thursday, May 14, 2020

AWS Summit online 2020 Knowledge - Series 1

If you are new to AWS ?

Would you like to start with creating solutions in AWS using services ?

Are you inconclusive of whether solution(s) you created or creating is right choice ?

Is it not convincing that your solution is of Best Practices in the market ? 

Could it be easier to see the other competitors or market leaders of relevance sharing their architecting solutions in line to what you would like to develop?

You are in for a treat !!! AWS has exclusive and extensive content and Technical resources created by AWS and AWS APN Partners. This is a good way to learn about the best practices and consistent, quality, highly reliable solutions framed out of AWS services against various sectors like ML, AI, Storage and others...

As a Bonus, lot of References guides, Architect diagrams, Whitepapers are made available for your reference free !!!

Please read more in the link and enhance the AWS Architect knowledge


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