Thursday, December 27, 2018

HowTo - Fix windmill error in Linux EC2

HowTo - Fix windmill error in Linux EC2

When we work with Python scripts, Pyspark scripts, we have to run those code against the unittest framework mostly nosetests

Well, if you choice is nosetests, and if you are running these in Amazon Linux EC2, then you might probably need to read through

When I used, nosetests against the source code, I received below error

/usr/local/lib/python3.4/site-packages/nose/plugins/ RuntimeWarning: Unable to load plugin windmill = windmill.authoring.nose_plugin:WindmillNosePlugin: No module named 'bin'


There are lot of fixes given around the Internet but the below approach always works !!!! How good is that ???

Right, let us jump into the solution straight away

Reason: windmill runtime error is raised on running "Nosetests -version", yeah, even for simple version commands

Issue: is that the EC2 or the linux box is having lot of python versions and in other words, more than one version of Python and one of them being incompatible with nosetests

Solution: You will have to remove the Python3x versions and then nosetests works well !!!

From the above screenshot, we get to confirm on the Python2x version in use 

Finally, we have folks :-) !!!

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