Thursday, January 24, 2019

HowTo fix numpy error in Linux

HowTo fix numpy error in Linux

All those who have worked in automated deployments or sometimes during manual deployments in linux, would have faced errors on 'Numpy' 

Import error: No module named numpy

        Reason why this error happens is that, the tool/software which is getting the numpy error is being deployed, re-deployed when the service(s) using numpy has not been stopped, as part of pre-deployment actions. 

        Resolution was not easy !!!

As anyone else, I have started installing numpy with no luck. I received the same error messages time and again, finally the twist in the fact that, exisitng Numpy is corrupted and needs an 'uninstall'  and 'install' !!!. Wait, it is not over yet. Numpy would or might be in the linux from various components of various versions and hence you need run 'uninstall' until you dont find 'Numpy' and then 'install' . Holy Molly, and that is how I resolved it !!

sudo pip uninstall numpy 

sudo pip install numpy

Now run the tool/software deployment and see them getting installed successfully !!

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