Sunday, January 13, 2019

HowTo resolve setup issues - Jenkins Dynamic Slaves using Amazon EC2

HowTo resolve setup issues - Jenkins Dynamic Slaves

As we all know that, Jenkins is capable of spinning slave nodes dynamically, we need to setup/configure Jenkins server to make this possible. Since the intention is to explain on AWS slave nodes, I would like to share the error, that I resolved recently.

Pre-requisites for Dynamic slave node setup
  1. Jenkins 2.x version
  2. AWS EC2 plugin for Jenkins
  3. Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure system
  4. Add new EC2 cloud
  5. I have added in all the configurations required like, Lable, AMI, private key, subnet, security groups etc
  6. Then again, Jenkins -> Manage Nodes ->  Launch node => failed with below error


                   Launching dynamic slave node, will fail for reasons when one or more of the AWS parameters defined for Dynamic slave was not in sync with the base AMI image. For example, the availability zone, security group, subnets could be different from what the base image/instance is holding and hence we receive the above error, while the slave node is attempted for launch

Try setting the EC2 parameters as explained in the 'Configure system' section and then slave node should with all ease !!

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