Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Redhat Ansible - Playbook to read data from csv file

Redhat Ansible - Playbook to read data from csv file

For this week, let us see, how to read data from .csv file from Ansible Playbook. Since Ansible 2.8.x and above we have a module read_csv that will do the job for us

- hosts: localhost
  - name: read csv file
      path: emp_details.csv
      delimiter: ','
    register: emp_details

  - name: print the data
      msg: "{{item.empid}}  {{ item.empname }}  {{ item.empdept }} {{ item.empgrade}} {{ item.emplocation }} "
        "{{ emp_details.list }}"

Task 'read csv file' uses read_csv module and accepts path, delimiter as parameters; the read output is stored under emp_details variable

Task 'print the data' is printing each of the field value to the console as below

Happy Ansible folks !!!

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