Friday, January 31, 2020

AWS RDS for MySQL with Kerberos Authentication

AWS RDS for MySQL with Kerberos Authentication

AWS is now providing kerberos authentication for AWS RDS for MySQL; this is a SSO feature for all AWS RDS MySQL users with centralized authentication. 

Go ahead and enable authentication of AWS RDS MySQL from 
  1. AWS Managed Active Directory Service
  2. Simple AD(Linux Samba Active Directory compatible server)
  3. AD Connector(proxy for Microsoft Active Directory)
  4. Amazon Cognito user pools(users from External Identity logging from google or facebook or others) 

 Now let us see the versions and mapping for this AD authentication for AWS RDS. While creating RDS for MySQL database version from and above 5.7.24 has to be selected in order to get the Active Directory integrated authentication set up

Now select any version from above 5.7.24 and select 'Password and Kerberos Authentication' under the 'Database Authentication' section

Active Directory has to be configured new as per the requirements and then we are set for AD authenticated MySQL usage in AWS RDS 

Happy AWS RDS folks !!!


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