Thursday, April 23, 2020

iPython - Usage and Benefits

In this post, let us see what is iPython and how to use iPython in Amazon Linux2 nodes

iPython, 'i' represents interactive and thus we have an interactive python. Conventional python, we need to type code, run and see the results were in iPython, being interactive will have the following benefits

Few benefits of iPython:
  • Interative; starting ipython, open up an interactive shell a line numbered prompts


  • executes native shell commands like cd, ls etc; commands like pwd, ls are returning output from within iPython prompt
  • Tab completion; here, clicking the tab with cursor in json, I get to see the other modules available in json family
  • Simple Timing Information; below screen shot shows, %timeit command which gives output of time taken to calculate adding the two numbers given as input
                                                                 Happy iPython !!!

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