Monday, October 8, 2018

AWS Community Day 2018 - Bengaluru - Session was a huge hit !!!!

AWS Community Day 2018 - Bengaluru

As you all might know, that i was exited and nervous about presenting the session on "AWS Community Day Bengaluru - 2018"

With lot of Hope & Faith, my first stage presentation for AWS started....As i co-presented with Bhuvaneswari Subramani, good friend and well wisher, the duo worked out from all corners and rehearsed the presentation to close it out in given time slot of 40 minutes

As i started, words started flowing through and no hindrances or stuttering as i did in rehearsal :-) and delivered and expressed the whole content that was planned for

Finally received a token of appreciation from Sathya[]

Thanks to Bhuvaneswari[] and AWS Community day organizers and team...Hats off to the organizers and they do deserve a special mention; visit for more  details at

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