Friday, October 19, 2018

Jenkins Dynamic Slaves Setup - Quick tip #1

Jenkins Dynamic Slaves Setup - Quick tip #1

Jenkins, as a CI server, allows AWS EC2 instances to be launched as Slave nodes for jobs that are labelled to run on Slaves

Primarily, the Jenkins jobs which needs certain framework or apps and custom setup in order to execute the job steps/actions, needs customized instances with the expected setup. This is made possible with Jenkins - Amazon EC2 plugin

On adding & configuring the Amazon EC2 plugin in the Jenkins server, we need to configure the slave nodes as per the requirment by selecting the appropriate AMI, provide access methods, security groups, subnets and so on

Recently while setting up slave nodes, i came across the configuration prompting as "IAM instance profile role" to be used for connecting to the AMI that has been mapped to. On defining the role name Jenkins didnt setup configuration as expected

With a bit of research, came to know that, the ARN of the IAM instance profile role has to be given and not the role name as such

Now the setup is successful !!!

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