Friday, January 24, 2020

AWS Database Serverless - Anybody ???

AWS Database Serverless - Anybody ???

 Before even we step into AWS RDS Serverless database avaiability, let us understand few basics on this aspects

                Ideally, we host/deploy/install a software in a physical server and then use the application as needed. But what if, there is no server with neither with you in data center nor with public cloud providers like AWS, Azure or so and the provisioning happens on need basis from the cloud provider

               AWS RDS, stands to be right choice for OLTP background applications, which is offered for different flavours of database like MySQL, Postgressql, SQL Server, Oracle and so on

AWS RDS serveress:
               In essence, AWS has come up with making serverless everywhere and AWS RDS Serverless is one among the mighty innovative feature

AWS RDS Serverless usecases:
  1. Dev & Test environments where env. arent used fulltime
  2. Infrequently accessed or used application can have AWS RDS Serverless as backend
  3. Unpredictable workloads where you have peak usage anytime irrespective of week end or weekdays or trade hours but yet need to handle the autoscaling
AWS RDS Serverless Limitations:
       Right now, the AWS RDS Serverless is supported for hosting Aurora DB with 
  • MySQL 5.6 version
  • PostgreSQL 10.7 version
Happy Serverless with AWS RDS folks !!!

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