Thursday, July 9, 2020

HowTo install and check if mysql client is installed in AWS EC2

In this post, let us see how to 
  1. install mysql client in EC2 instances and
  2. How to check if they have been available in the AMI already

  •  Have AWS account login and access to create EC2 and installation rights on that EC2

Getting Started:
  • Login into the AWS Console
  • Launch an EC2 Instance(t2.micro will do for this learning session)
  • use AMI or AMI 2 image for EC2 instance
  • Take putty connection and access the EC2 instance

  • On accessing the instance, apply "sudo yum update"
  • check if the mysql bundle exist already using the below command
    • sudo yum list mysql5?

  • Download the mysql community edition repo bundle 
  • Install mysql community edition client version 
  • check for the successful installation

                                                    Happy Connecting !!!

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