Wednesday, July 22, 2020

HowTo install Ansible in AWS EC2 Amazon Linux 2

In this post, let us see how to install Ansible in AWS EC2 instance with Amazon Linux 2

  • AWS Login Account
  • EC2 launching access and permissions

Getting Started:
  • From the AWS EC2 Console, launch an EC2 with Amazon Linux 2 image
  • Take putty connection to this just launched EC2 instance
Steps to install Ansible in AWS EC2 with Amazon Linux 2:

  • Run 'sudo yum update -y', if required
  • In Amazon linux 2 machine image, EPEL repository is available under amazon-linux-extras. Hence install EPEL repository from here
  • Now that the EPEL repo is available, install ansible using 'sudo yum install ansible -y'

  • Check the version of Ansible

                                                  Happy Automation with Ansible !!!

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