Wednesday, July 15, 2020

HowTo install Docker on AWS EC2 AMI 2

                         Let us see how to install Docker in AWS EC2 instance in this post

  • AWS Account and Login
  • Access to create EC2 and install permissions

Getting Started:
  • From AWS EC2 console, launch an EC2 t2.micro instance with AMI 2
  • Take putty connection to the just launched instance or an instance which has AMI 2 image
Steps to install docker:
  • Run sudo yum update -y
  • Docker is available in amazon-linux-extras bundle and hence need to install docker from here

  • Start the docker service

  • Add ec2-user against 'docker' group so that all docker commands can be executed without sudo privileges

  • Check the version and other info for the running Docker service

                                                   Happy Container Computing !!

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