Wednesday, July 1, 2020

HowTo install PyYAML latest version in CentOS 7 version

Let us see on how to install latest PyYAML in this post

  • A CentOS instance
  • SSH access into this CentOS 7 machine
Getting Started:
  • connect to the CentOS 7 machine via SSH
  • step into a root or sudo user

Steps to install latest PyYAML version:
  • pip install PyYAML
  • Below errors is raised asking to install latest version of PyYAML which is >=3.12

  • Now let us install specific version of PyYAML that is required

  • If the 'distutils' error occurs again, then use '--ignore-installed' flag as below and watch PyYAML succeed

                          Thus PyYAML installation was successfully completed

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