Thursday, March 12, 2020

Amazon Redshift Cluster - Pause and Resume - Series 1

AWS has recently announced the feature of 'Pause & Resume' for Amazon Redshift Clusters which will help in customers to save on operational costs and only pay for the storage while the clusters are in pause state

Lets explore more on what this feature brings us on Amazon Redshift and this will be shared in series of posts as it is too difficult to fit into one post

So lets begin with understanding of what this 'Pause & Resume' means to us:

  1. Earlier only Create, Delete on Amazon Redshift clusters were available and now we have 'Pause' 'Resume' features to support on cost cutting and operational efficiency
  2. If not production clusters, remaining environment/account's clusters for DEV,SIT,PAT or QA can be paused and resumed later when needed, while paying only on the storage aspects
  3. Pause & Resume can be set using AWS Redshift Console, API calls and/or Boto scripts
  4. Schedules for 'Pause & Resume' both one time and recurring can be set from either AWS Console or from AWS CLI scripts
  5. Pause & Resume is available in all regions of Amazon Redshift

In the coming series, let us explore this feature by creating a Amazon Redshift cluster 

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