Friday, March 20, 2020

Amazon Redshift Cluster - Pause and Resume - Series 9

This will be the last post in this series in 'Amazon Redshift Cluster - Pause and Resume' and to wrap this learning, we would be seeing about the other modes of using 'Pause and Resume'

All learning in this series, were from AWS Redshift console, and if need to use or launch these features from teams which do not have AWS console access, AWS provides options for program access with below options
  • Boto3 methods
  • API calls

With AWS CLI, below listed are the AWS CLI commands that will support the usage of 'Pause and Resume'

  • To Pause
aws redshift pause-cluster --cluster-identifier redshift-cluster-1
  • To Resume
aws redshift resume-cluster --cluster-identifier redshift-cluster-1

Moving onto the other options:
  1. API Calls refer to the comprehensive AWS API Documentation for Amazon Redshift
  2. Boto script methods for 'Pause and Resume'
    • client.pause_cluster(ClusterIdentifier = 'string')
    • client.resume_cluster(ClusterIdentifier = 'string')

 Happy Cluster Maintenance with 'Pause & Resume' !!!

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