Thursday, March 19, 2020

Amazon Redshift Cluster - Pause and Resume - Series 8

In this series, let us see how the 'Delete' Amazon Redshift Cluster works

  1. AWS Account access
  2. Amazon Redshift cluster

Getting Started:
  1. Log into the AWS Console
  2. Open the Amazon Redshift Console page, as this series of posts are learning Amazon Redshift - Pause & Resume from console or UI
  3. Ensure the cluster in need is not under modification as 'Delete' cannot be applied while cluster is under modification state
  4. Select the cluster from the list, Actions->Delete, in order to delete the Amazon Redshift Cluster
  5. Below screen appears which gives option to 'Create Final Snapshot' for restoration at a later point in time; Also, it alerts us on 'Deletion of 3 automated snapshots' - these were created while this series was developed and since 'Pause' was applied thrice we could see three snapshots being reported to be deleted

  • I have un-selected 'Create Final Snapshot' and clicked on 'Delete' and here we could see the delete operation progressing

  • View of all snapshots created as according to the no. of times 'Pause' operation performed on this cluster

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