Monday, March 16, 2020

Amazon Redshift Cluster - Pause and Resume - Series 5

In this series, let us see how to schedule 'Pause Later' or 'Resume Later' option on schedule

  • When using 'Pause Later'/'Resume Later' option, we get to define datetime for Pause or Resume
  • Along with the above datetime definition, we need an IAM Role as well, which will have permissions to access the Amazon Redshift Clusters to Pause & Resume on defined schedules
  • Let us on how to create IAM Role for this 
  • Now define 'Pause Later' or 'Resume Later'

  • From the above option, when we click on 'date' for scheduling the options are clearly enabled from two days ahead of defining/creating the cluster
  • Now let us see the screen with all options set, where I selected from Mar, 20, 2020

  • List of schedules thus created from 'Pause Later' and/or 'Resume Later'

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