Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Amazon Redshift Cluster - Pause and Resume - Series 7

In this series, let us see how the Amazon Redshift clusters function when a 'Pause' is applied, the below listed actions will happen

  1. A snapshot is created on every Pause applied or scheduled-applied
  2. Running queries are terminated 

Ideally, we cannot stop the 'Pause' or 'Resume' operations after it is applied or initiated. 
How all these 'Pause and Resume' can be applied:
  1. From Amazon Redshift console
  2. AWS CLI
  3. Amazon Redshift API calls
 Which Clusters cannot be 'Paused & Resumed':
  1. Classic EC2 clusters
  2. Clusters that are modification state
  3. HSM Clusters
  4. Clusters for those 'Automated Snapshots' are disabled; this is because, 'Pause' operation creates a snapshot and this cannot be completed with 'Automated Snapshots' in disabled state

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